South Alabama Beekeepers

South Alabama

Meetings Are Held The First Thursday of Each Month
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Our Location:

1055 E. McKinnon St.,
New Brockton, AL
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President: Vacant
Contact Number

Vice President: Richard Woodham

Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Shimmer

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A Little Bit About
South Alabama Beekeepers

SAB is comprised of local beekeepers from several surrounding counties, and is located in beautiful Coffee County. Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 7:00pm (March thru November) and 6:00pm December thru February) at the Coffee County Extension office in New Brockton, Alabama.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting where we discuss problems, successes, upcoming events, education, and helpful information dealing with honeybees and beekeeping.
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Why Join South Alabama Beekeepers?

More honey yield, and efficiency
in making It!

We pride ourselves on being a team, and supporting each other strengthens local farms and gardens.
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Great Information
& Experience Sharing

Members support each other with their own knowledge, and we all grow together as a group!

Strength in Numbers

Our organization helps find
solutions that help us all.
It's a win-win situation!
We call it a "hive mentality"!!

Member Testimonials


"The Bee Club has opened the door to the world of bees and beekeeping for me! I love sharing the story of honey and why bees are so important to mankind."

- WW2

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